As You Like It Podcast


Detroit Swindle – Time

Jon Pierce – Survivor

KemeticJust pres. Terrance Downs – Here For It (Deeper Tech Rub)

The New Mastersounds – Taking Me Down (DJ Spinna Remix)

Hugo LX – Catching Thunder

Tai Davis – Acid Luv

Latin Soul Brothas – Future foundation

Every Cow has its Day

Kimosabe – If We Were Children Again

James Curd- Let’s Get Get Get it

PJ – Unreleased

Byron the Aquarius – I want to go

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Ground Level #003: @truncate
Pronouns: He/Him

Josh Wink - Intro
Ackermann - Stabilität
Harry Romero - Control (Josh Wink Interpretation)
Gabriella Vergilov - So Cool So High (Hiroko Yamamura Remix)
Bleur & MB1 - Mercedes (Michael Klein Remix)
Black Girl/White Girl - Jelly Brain
Hertz Collision - Vent
Armando - Unknown Disco Tape #7
DJ Pro One - Kaos Theory (Claude Young Mix)
Jay Denham - Beat Box
Reeko - Indonesian Dream
Kai Van Dongen - Siabasin
Scuba x Felsen - Speed This MF Up (Truncate Remix)
Earwax - Attraverso
Re_Axis - Collective Shift
TWR72 - Breath
CZR - Climax
It’s Not A Game (Jorge Zamacona Remix)
Losoul - Movespeak
Loco Dice - Backyard Moves
DJOKO - Jode Lade
Glenn Astro - Slarutan (Pristine Mix)

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AYLI Ground Level shines a light on artists that create the fabric of our community: City by city, state by state, country by country. Washington, D.C.’s Jacq Jill AKA Lauren Wright's contribution to their local community have ramped up in recent years, with regular gigs alongside international heavy hitters and the launch of the “Hothouse" warehouse series with Shyboi. Those dates have been paired with releases on a who’s who’s of podcasts and an appearance representing D.C on Boiler Room. That energy has lead to headliner appearances at the leading queer underground parties in North America. Jacq Jill’s best known for bringing that same energy to the party. Their energy on the decks is captivating. Their drive is to build community through the creation safe spaces. It’s impossible not to be pulled in. We’re excited to shine a light on Jacq Jill. Take a moment to listen to the mix, read the interview and send Lauren a few bucks or more. Last weekend we showcased the Washington, D.C community, in collaboration with Fault Radio, for our monthly Coast to Coast broadcast. Get ready for a release. Quality.

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The new podcast series “AYLI Ground Level” shines a light on artists that create the fabric of our community: City by city, state by state, country by country. In a different year, under a different environment, Washington, D.C.’s Baronhawk Poitier would be an “it” name of the summer festival season. His release on Honey Soundsystem would have been played by DJs near and far, bringing a smile to the face of the moodiest raver. For a debut release, his polished sound, infectious vibes and catchy beat is years beyond his relative experience. Despite the uncertainty of what’s to come, you can bet that Baronhawk will be a name you’ll be hearing about for years to come. Take a moment to listen to his mix, read his interview, pick up his Honey release on Bandcamp, and send him a few bucks or more. This Sunday we’re excited to showcase the Washington, D.C community, in collaboration with Fault Radio, for our monthly Coast to Coast broadcast. Quality.

Venmo/Cashapp: @Baronhawk

Baronhawk Poitier - Temperado Tornado (Official Video) Dir. Aron Kantor on @honeysoundsystem.

Baronhawk Poitier – The Stopped World (Mix)
Rustic Hut – See You Again (Broadway & Queen Mix)
Panash – Cheval (Przewalski’s Eastern Bounce)
Waajeed – Better Late Than Never
DjjoelS – Al Greens House
D Tiffany – V2M
Armonica – Ngeke (Andhim Remix)
Obas Nenor – Tribe Tribute
Gafacci – Sweetest Taboo
DJ Technics – Don’t Make Me Wait
Dukeyman – Feelin It Filter Joint
Flora FM – Inc Stop
Santos – Hold Home
Cray76 – Evangelion
Christina Chatfield – Flutters (Unreleased)
Acronym City – Powermoves (Gerd Janson Mayday Edit)
Karizma – How Fly This Life Is
Jay Ka – 6
Atjazz – Sweat No Sleep (Broken Soul Dub)
Maxwell – Stop The World

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David Grunzweig performs as Tape Ghost, a solo project which incorporates a clubbier flavor than the deep crystalline ambience of his duo Night Sea. The dancefloor-friendly sounds of Tape Ghost found a home on As You Like It’s record label — first a remix on Christina Chatfield’s new EP and soon a full record of his own. To celebrate, he contributed the latest edition of the AYLI podcast, a mix full of groove-forward dub techno.

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As anyone who has heard one of his records knows, Tin Man, aka Johannes Auvinen, creates acid techno. But his acid goes deep, and he continually seems to find new worlds within it, despite having worked exclusively in this style for about 15 years now. He's been an AYLI stalwart since the earliest days of the party, and so it only makes sense that he’s contributing a remix to Christina Chatfield‘s new EP, Ascent / Descent, the first on AYLI's new record label, As You Like It Recordings. He’s also responsible for the latest edition of the AYLI podcast.

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Christina Chatfield has been in the AYLI family since the beginning. For 10 years, she has been an As You Like It resident performer, playing live techno, improvised and not, on stages both big and small. Anyone who has caught her sets more than once will easily recognize her sound: tight, loop-focused acid techno with a particular interstellar feel. Now, after gracing As You Like It’s stages an untold number of times, she’s kicking off their record label. To be released on November 27, 2020, in commemoration of the four year anniversary of the Ghost Ship fire, her first release for As You Like It Records, Ascent / Descent, captures the twisting, tunneling spirit of her live performances. Backed by remixes from Tin Man and Noncompliant — both AYLI mainstays in their own right — plus Lily Ackerman and Tape Ghost, the record highlights American techno in a way that strikes me as distinctly As You Like It. Altogether, the record feels like a snapshot of Chatfield’s live performance, but cut for the club.

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For many, Prins Thomas and Gerd Janson likely need little introduction. Thomas comes from Norway and has spent the past 15 years amassing a discography of perfectly composed synth-y cosmic disco; Gerd comes from Germany and co-founded Running Back, perhaps the most dependable European deep house label in the business, in 2002. This installment of the As You Like It podcast, the hundredth, is a recording of Thomas and Gerd going back-to-back at The Midway in San Francisco, celebrating AYLI's 7th anniversary in 2017. For those who were there, this is an opportunity to savor the memory, and for those who weren’t, this is a chance to experience them in full party mode.

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Wonja Fairbrother is a DJ for the heads. She's been quietly but steadily putting together mixes for years and years now — with her partner Dan as Herzog Hideout and now Do/While; solo, in the beautifully delicate series Wood Glass Metal and the beautifully weepy Melancholy Italo Disco (does what it says on the tin); and increasingly for club-focused mix series, including a recent stint for San Francisco's Boiler Room. To quote her own words, it's an "i'm not crying it's just the smoke machine" kind of mix — dedicated to those lost-but-not-forgotten club moments that are regrettably inaccessible right now.

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Lando — sometimes Lando Kal, or just Antaeus Lando Roy — has been around the block. Born in Daly City, raised in Sacramento, came up in San Francisco, did stints in New York, Berlin, LA — he's been around. As a producer, he's released records on Hotflush, Rush Hour, Icee Hot, and Ultramajic, to name a few. As a DJ, he's played clubs all over the world, including the ones you namecheck to your friends. His own music and his DJ sets are hard to pin down, picking and riffing on bits and pieces from different scenes and different eras. He's also responsible for the latest edition of the As You Like It podcast.

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Sis Girl has made a steady approach on San Francisco dancefloors, building off their work throwing a party in Pittsburgh, MESH, which highlights queer, nonbinary, and female talent from the midwestern and eastern United States. After several appearances behind the booth at The Stud, Public Works, and more, they recently joined forces with Kosmetik, perhaps the city’s most out-there queer DJ crew. Dov's responsible for the latest edition of the As You Like It podcast, an hour-long swirl of rubbery minimal techno and cooled-down house flavors.

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Space Ghost, the alias of Oakland-based house-funk player Sudi Wachspress, has been steadily producing and releasing tunes since 2010, and in the past several years, he's picked up serious steam, releasing three LPs, two on Denmark’s Tartelet Records and a third on Steven Julien's Apron Records. Besides producing tunes as Space Ghost, Wachspress has flexed his DJ technique, playing out with friend Steve Sandwich as a duo called Late Feelings, and launching a party at Starline Social Club called Open Soul. True to its name, Open Soul focuses on boogie, house, and disco — influences you’ll hear in Space Ghost’s sound. Wachspress has mixed up the latest edition of the As You Like It podcast, a mellow collection of modern soul, gospel, and boogie-flavored tunes.

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Rachel Bisagni, aka Rubidium, is a techno veteran. Based in Oakland, she's a DJ, producer, and co-founded the bi-monthly Konstruct event series, which highlights American techno artists in particular.

She's responsible for the latest edition of the AYLI Podcast, a slow burn of a mix that, as she points out, could very well serve as an opening set in a club — but is really designed for home listening. It’s proper zoning music, and I think we could all use a bit of that right now.

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If you live in San Francisco and like techno — Techno techno, with a capital T — then you probably know Hiram Fabrizio. One of the friendliest and kindest players in the local scene is also one of its most talented — and most active. You might know him from Konstruct, the no-nonsense techno monthly he’s a part of. Or U-SRD, his duo project with Loammi Rodas. Or Eichef, his solo production moniker. Or you might know him from bumping into him on a dancefloor at a club, a warehouse, or a house party. He’s a genuine supporter, in it for the love of music, not to build a brand or make a name. It’s a refreshing reminder of why we’re all here to begin with. As Eichef, he’s responsible for mixing up the latest edition of the As You Like It podcast. It’s an hour-long “slower mix of electro and techno unfolding into world sounds,” in his own words.

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In advance of their first collaboration with AYLI, Supervixen resident DJ Vaughan mixed up the latest edition of the AYLI Podcast. Supervixen's coming up on their two-year anniversary (June 26 at Underground SF). Before that, though, they’re hosting the Klub Room at 1015 Folsom on Friday, February 28, a whole-club blowout co-hosted by Dials, As You Like It and 1015 — grab tickets while you can.


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Oakland-based DJ Patrick Wilson isn't new to the game. In fact, he's been DJing longer than some of us have been alive. He's been at it 39 years, first putting hands on decks around the age of 10. Now that's dedication. He and fellow Oaklander Nina Sol (who recorded her own AYLI podcast in 2018) are resident DJs at Elements, a party dedicated to deep, soulful house, both classic and new. They're celebrating five years of Elements on Saturday, January 18. This latest edition of the AYLI podcast is actually a live recording of Patrick and Nina at a previous Elements party. Catch them both opening up for one of the most brilliant DJs in the business, Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium, handling the deeper, psychedelic side of things.

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DJ Brown Amy co-founded Hard French, and has been DJing their parties since the very beginning. She’s got range well beyond soul, as you’ll hear in this latest edition of the As You Like It podcast. She’ll warm up the floor this New Year’s Eve, as AYLI closes out the decade at Underground SF with an all-star cast including Christina Chatfield, Austin Cesear, and murky techno legend Rrose.

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If the weirder end of club culture is what wets your whistle, you are probably familiar with TVOD. (The club crew, that is, but probably also The Normal’s tune that provided them their namesake.) The crew’s members — Nihar Bhatt, Jason Polastri, and Fanciulla Gentile (aka hardware techno evoker The Creatrix) — have been operating at the fringes in the Bay Area for more than a decade running.

They’ve contributed the latest edition in the As You Like It podcast, and they’re holding down the fort in the back room of F8 all night long on Friday, December 13, while Chris Cruse and Mozhgan headline the front room alongside AIDA and AYLI resident DJ Patrick.

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Faychee, aka Faith Harding, is new to the Bay Area, but not new to house music. She moved to Oakland in June 2018, and since then has been playing out regularly — most frequently for Palace, a fun, breezy celebration of dance music of all kinds originally launched by her long-time friend Gabe Ross. A longtime songwriter and musician, she’s also begun producing her own house music. On Saturday, Nov. 9, Faychee makes her second appearance for As You Like It, joining fellow locals Josh Cheon and Mossmoss to welcome the Midwestern legend Mike Servito to the basement rave cave of Monarch. She’s responsible for the latest edition in As You Like It’s podcast mix series, an hour-plus selection of tunes rooted in house music of all different kinds — with a couple detours into freestyle and electro.

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Not all house music commands you to jack your body. Some house music — cool, crystalline house music with delicate beats and melodies like a winter breeze — sets the soundtrack to a mood just as well as it turns up a dance-floor. That’s the shade of house music that Jordan Poling, a recent transplant to San Francisco from Brooklyn, explores in his productions and DJ sets. He came up in New York’s mid-aughts dance music scene, and cut his teeth at Halcyon, the city’s legendary record shop. His own productions, propelled by driving grooves and filled with intimate detail, take after NYC’s contemporary deep house sound, but feature his own unique twist. This Saturday, Aug. 31, Poling supports his friend and compatriot Levon Vincent — maybe the best-known of NYC’s new deep house maestros — for an intimate gig at Monarch.

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Ivan Ruiz is that kind of West Coast DJ, an old-school Bay Area selector with forward-thinking taste. He’s put his time in working in various San Francisco record stores and is a founding member of Moulton Music, a crew of producers and DJs that embody that particular deep, soulful house music sound.

Ruiz has mixed the latest edition in the As You Like It podcast. He’s DJing this Saturday, Aug. 3, when As You Like It takes over the Gingerbread Danzhaus for a two-floor shindig featuring one of the best new players in the biz, rRoxymore, alongside other talented locals.

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African-born, Oakland-based Guy Nado — aka DJ Ra-Soul, Digi-Soul, Killa Green Buds, Madd African, Politix of Dancing, San Frandisco Sound Outfit, and many more — has been producing and DJing killer disco-flavored house music in the Bay Area for decades. His first record as DJ Ra-Soul landed in 1993, with a steady stream to follow.

He quickly became known for deep, funky, hard-hitting house music, and was a key player in the developing West Coast scene. Recently, he went on hiatus — which is why some newer heads might not be familiar with him — but he’s back in action, producing psychedelic political house music with fellow Oaklander Don Crisp as Black In Time, and returning to the DJ circuit, recently playing As You Like It’s annual picnic in Golden Gate Park last Sunday, July 21.

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For a couple years running, Dan Harris has thrown a small party in San Francisco called Blank. It's about as non-pretentious and unassuming as you can get. It showcases Bay Area DJs, not out-of-town headliners, and its focus is on the dancefloor — and dancing. (Each iteration of Blank, he respectfully asks attendees to keep their phones off the dancefloor.) 

Naturally, Harris is a DJ himself, too. He tends towards vintage disco and funky party jams, the kind of tunes that makes you put your arms up in the air with a smile on your face. More than disco makes him tick, though — which he shows off in the stylistic spread of DJs he books at Blank — and this latest mix for As You Like It's podcast series sees him exploring that range.

This Saturday, July 6, Harris joins a cast of talented locals (AYLI resident DJ Patrick and Vinyl Dreams' Infinite Jess) to support Detroit veteran Andrés, whose cut “New For U”might be one of the most successful deep house records of the 21st century. (It is, indeed, that good.) It’s all going down in the basement at Monarch. Snag tickets now and read on to learn more about what makes Harris tick.

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The latest edition of As You Like It's podcast is mixed by Lindsey Herbert — and it's a session recorded live, opening for British techno purist Ø [Phase] in March of this year. Dive into the mix while you read her interview below — and make sure to snag presales for Spanish maestro Oscar Mulero‘s return to San Francisco, landing Friday May 31 at F8.

For techno lovers, San Francisco dance-floors are a good place to be right now. Techno with a capital T — fast, tough, rough, and rugged — has taken the city by storm, and that's in no small part thanks to the efforts of people like Lindsey Herbert and parties like Robot Ears, the techno-focused crew she’s worked with for years.

After nearly six years running, Robot Ears has brought some of techno's most well-known players (Speedy J, Chris Liebing) plus new-school favorites (Truncate, Tommy Four Seven) to San Francisco. Lindsey's been one of their resident DJs for almost as long, honing her craft and pushing a deep, psychedelic techno sound.

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Some of the most exciting new energy in San Francisco dance music has come from a close-knit group of techno heads — often spotted out together on the dance-floor, usually clad in black. Two of those techno heads, David Grunzweig (aka Tape Ghost) and Eugenia Puglisi (aka sleepygirl), have commandeered the latest edition of As You Like It's podcast series. And although they are techno fanatics in the true sense — read below for some of the recent club nights and gigs that have inspired them — their AYLI podcast features a house-flavored twist, a lighter mood than we might expect from them.
The two will DJ back-to-back this Friday, May 10, as part of a two-floor As You Like It takeover at Monarch in San Francisco. They’ll heat up the Lounge upstairs while Call Super, Jason Kendig, and Dr. Rubinstein turn the basement into a techno dungeon — the last batch of tickets is available here.

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If you go out regularly in San Francisco, you've probably met Steven Feiler. You've probably seen him fluttering about at Public Works — doing any number of different things, all at once — or on the dance-floor, chatting and dancing like he was born to do both.

Lately, he's also making appearance on the other side of the floor, behind the decks. As nonsuit, he mixes up out-of-bounds techno, heavily percussive club music, and acid house, all laid over with queer flavor and intent.

He’s making his first appearance for As You Like It this Friday, March 1, at The Great Northern, as AYLI celebrates all things Pisces with two of the heaviest hitters in the biz: Omar S from Detroit and DJ Nobu from Tokyo.

He also mixed up an excellent AYLI podcast (his first!) and gave us some insight into his background and practice. Read on below, tune in, and make sure you catch Omar & Nobu.

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Without hyperbole, it's safe to say that the San Francisco dance music ecosystem would simply not be what it is today if it weren’t for the mostly thankless work of Ryan Merry - now better known as Elexos Park, but formerly known as Ghosts On Tape. Landing back in San Francisco after a stint in Berlin had him refreshed and revitalized, with a new sound and direction to match. His new AYLI podcast shows off that new sound. Make sure to catch him this Saturday Oct. 13 at an undisclosed warehouse location in San Francisco, supporting DJ Seinfeld on his DJ-KiCKS tour.

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We've released an exclusive podcast by one of AYLI's favorite people in the world, Jordee. Jordee is a partner for Mixed Forms and also co-runs Kosmetik weekly at The STUD in SF. Please take a moment and listen to their mix before joining us tonight. Quality, indeed.

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Humphries' Club Zanzibar residency began in 1982, and more than 30 years later, he plays to audiences around the globe, on stages large and small. He's making his As You Like It debut this Saturday, August 25, for an all-night DJ set at Monarch. Enjoy his AYLI podcast, an excerpt of a live mix recorded in Perugia, Italy.

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Nina Sol makes her As You Like It debut this Saturday, August 18, for an open-air day party (1 p.m.-9 p.m.) on The Midway's sun-kissed patio. She’s supporting Detroit's funky house maestro Kyle Hall and jazzy beat-maker Byron The Aquarius. Dive into her stellar mix below and catch her live behind the decks on Saturday.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_78_-_Nina_Sol.mp3
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Max Gardner, Oakland native, is a founding member of Direct To Earth and one of its mainstay DJs. He's been involved in Bay Area techno since DTE's inception, maintaining a regular presence in local clubs, both on the dance-floor and behind the decks. He's put together the latest installment of the As You Like It podcast series, a proper techno onslaught that just so happens to feature a slew of Gardner’s own unreleased productions. (His first 12" came earlier this year on Bay Area label Excise.) Give it a listen before Direct To Earth and As You Like It collaborate to host Mark Broom and Pangaea this Friday, August 10, at San Francisco club F8.

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Throwing a party takes planning, work, and coordination, most of it happening behind the scenes. William Wardlaw is one of those folks working behind the scenes of As You Like It, responsible for making sure artists get where they need to be and are taken care of along the way. Naturally, he’s a great DJ, too. He put together the latest installment in the AYLI Podcast.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_76_-_William_Wardlaw.mp3
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Patrick Lotilla, aka DJ Patrick, is a founding member of the Brouhaha crew, a cast of characters and DJs who have been throwing parties around the Bay Area with their five-year anniversary is coming in August. DJ Patrick's making his As You Like It return this Saturday, June 21, for a day party at The Midway featuring the one and only Omar S. 

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Indy Nyles supplied the latest edition of the As You Like It podcast, a lush 90-minute live set that journeys through moods and sounds, all produced with two drum machines. He's making his live debut for AYLI this Friday, June 15, supporting Sandwell District don Function at Monarch in SF.

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This latest installment of the As You Like It Podcast is a recording of Sepehr's live set, re-created in the studio based on a performance earlier this year at Monarch. No track IDs on this one — just Sepehr's own productions and jams. Make sure to catch his live set Friday, Mar. 9, when As You Like It and Parameter join forces to host Kassem Mosse and Tin Man live at Public Works in San Francisco.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_73_-_Sepehr.mp3
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Lily Ackerman is responsible for the latest installment in As You Like It's podcast series, a 70-minute trip that shows off her penchant for melodic, groove-focused techno and deep house. On Saturday, Dec. 16 at basement rave-cave Monarch, AYLI hosts its annual holiday "Ugly Sweater Party" featuring a live set from one of the most evocative new voices in techno, Sweden's Dorisburg (aka 1/2 of the duo Genius of Time). Ackerman will step up to the decks alongside AYLI residents Sassmouth and David Siska.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_72_-_Lily_Ackerman.mp3
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If you've been keeping tabs on some of San Francisco's newest (and hippest) queer parties, you've probably danced to Trevor Sigler's selections. He goes deep in the zone on this latest mix for As You Like It's podcast, delivering slinky tunes interspersed with rolling house grooves. On Friday, Dec. 1, he joins Maya Jane Coles, Mike Servito, and AYLI residents David Siska and Mike Gushansky for a full-club blowout at Public Works.

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Bézier is one of a kind. The alias of one Robert Yang, Bézier is an Italo-disco-inspired, synthpop-styled, science-minded psychedelic techno project. Beside his visionary and idiosyncratic live techno sound, Yang is also a skilled DJ (formerly known as Robot Hustle), one-fourth of the renowned Honey Soundsystem collective, who will be celebrating their tenth year in operation this November. The Honey boys are but one of many names decorating As You Like It’s seventh anniversary marquee lineup, taking place this Friday, Sept. 25, at The Midway in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. To celebrate the occasion, Yang recorded this latest AYLI podcast.

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For San Franciscans of a certain era and persuasion, Dave Aju should be no stranger. The musician, producer, and DJ was an SF mainstay for many years. Dave (aka Marc Barrite) has been busy lately, releasing a slew of records in recent past and with more on the way. He’s also no stranger to As You Like It dancefloors, having graced the decks alongside favorites like DJ TLR, Magic Mountain High (Move D + Juju & Jordash), Sammy Dee, and more. This Friday, Sept. 22, he’s making his return as part of AYLI's Bloom series at Monarch, supporting Canadian house music wizard The Mole during his San Francisco debut. Please enjoy his new exclusive podcast for As You Like It.

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Mike Gushansky hails from Los Angeles, CA. Sam Kern (aka Sassmouth) hails from Chicago, IL. Both are As You Like It resident DJs and after a particularly memorable back-to-back session earlier this year at the annual AYLI Picnic in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, they're something of a burgeoning DJ duo, to boot. This latest edition in the AYLI Podcast series is a recording of that session, mixed live in the great outdoors. Next up, catch Mike and Sam going back-to-back at As You Like It’s 7-year anniversary blowout Friday, Sept. 29 at The Midway in San Francisco. 

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Taraval is the alias of one Ryan Smith, a Canadian musician who also happens to be a key member in a little band you may have heard of, called Caribou. Taraval makes his As You Like It debut next Saturday, July 22, supporting the one and only Motor City Drum Ensemble at 1015 Folsom. He put together a podcast showcasing some of his current favorite sounds, plus a couple unreleased Taraval joints.

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As You Like It's next podcast comes courtesy of Experimental Housewife, the alias of the multitalented artist and performer Evelyn Malinowski. Malinowski currently resides in Santa Fe, NM, but will soon become a San Francisco resident, and has connections well beyond in Denver and Berlin, just to name a couple. As Experimental Housewife, Malinowski released her debut album, Place Writer, on Jacktone Records last year. Malinowski makes her debut for As You Like It this Friday, June 30, supporting Kassem Mosse and Mor Elian at Monarch.


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We're excited and honored to announce our newest resident David Siska. Siska has performed for us over the years at warehouse parties, club nights and park picnics. His vast record collection and forever classy selections always have a time and place within our line-ups. We're excited to showcase him further into the future and introduce him to you today with an official podcast. Please take a moment and dig in. Quality.

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This Saturday, May 20, Aaron Davis teams up with As You Like It to bring Acid Camp to San Francisco, hosting the Loft at Public Works with Marcellus Pittmann, Zernell, and a B2B from Davis himself and AYLI resident Mike Gushansky, while downstairs the Hessle Audio crew (Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, and Pangaea) go back-to-back-to-back all night long.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_64_-_Aaron_Davis.mp3
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Russell E.L. Butler is one of the Bay Area's finest. On Friday, April 21, Butler will be warming up the As You Like It dance-floor, opening for Umfang and Berlin legend Marcel Dettmann as they take over Public Works for part of AYLI's nascent Unabridged series. The Bermuda-born, Oakland-based producer has spent the last several years building up an unassailably fine catalogue of raw electronic music: first as Black Jeans, a short-lived minimal synth project that refreshingly did not trade in nostalgia, and recently under his own name, under which he releases stripped-down techno that carries potent emotional weight. The world is taking notice — his first album appeared on cult U.K. label Opal Tapes, and three EPs followed shortly thereafter, with more on the way this year. He’s just returned to the Bay after touring his live set all over the States and Canada. 

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The latest As You Like It podcast comes from Woo, one of SF's best selectors. Gregory is a resident of Outpost, WERD, and a contributing member of the AYLI family. He'll be playing in the Public Works loft for the opening Unabridged event alongside WERD's Jimmy B and Zoz with Tale of Us, Floorplan, and Mossmoss in the main room.

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Aaron Clark is a key member of the Honcho and Humanaut crews, an excellent DJ, and one of the main reasons Hot Mass has become the force that it has. He will appear behind the decks this Saturday, Mar. 25, alongside Peggy Gou, Mike Gushansky, and Chvck, as As You Like It takes over San Francisco club Audio.

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AYLI Podcast #60 - Texture / Shady P

On February 24 at Monarch in San Francisco and March 10 at Grenadier Club in Detroit, As You Like It collaborates with rising Detroit party series TEXTURE for BLOOM, two events that showcase some of underground electronic music's rising stars (Dr. Rubinstein, Shady P) alongside established artists who skillfully tread the circumference of several genres at once (Galcher Lustwerk, Erika).

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AYLI Podcast #59 - Jason Kendig

As You Like It's podcast series, and the interviews which coincide, are designed to celebrate the talent and artistry of the multifaceted American electronic music underground. This podcast is different: here, we honor and celebrate the memory and life of our beloved friend and family member, Johnny Igaz (aka Nackt), who was lost to us in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire on December 2.

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AYLI Podcast #58 - Sappho

Portland's Sappho, aka Megan Andricos, is no stranger to DJing. She isn't quite a household name — yet — but that won't remain the case for long. Her profile has risen steadily over the past several years, the result of her sharp, savvy DJ sets, focused on a "Cosmic and Electric" sound. Her podcast for As You Like It, recorded live at an afterparty in Portland, showcases her range. She'll be bringing this kind of range to Monarch on Saturday, Oct. 1, supporting live house-funk masters Session Victim.

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AYLI Podcast #57 - Israel Vines

Israel Vines' podcast for As You Like It begins with an undulating swirl of melodies that soon give way to a techno throb, building in intensity until it disappears into the whirlpool whence it came. Listen, and witness him in action September 10.

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AYLI Podcast #56 - Nackt

Johnny Igaz AKA Nackt is an integral member of the AYLI family. Alongside being an artist who sometimes performs at our parties, he can be found contributing in many ways to AYLI. We're excited to share with you an exclusive podcast in preparation for his upcoming booking alongside of Leon Vynehall and Jeno at Monarch.

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AYLI Podcast #55 - Cherushii

We're excited to welcome back San Francisco artist Chelsea Faith AKA Cherushii to perform live in support of Objekt and Call Super, Friday, June 24, 2016 at The Midway. Faith's been on our radar for over a decade now, since her first introduction to Bay Area late-nite dance culture in 2000, to her evolution of an artist and performer in the mid-00s. In preparation for her AYLI return, we’re honored to release the recording from her debut AYLI night as an exclusive podcast.

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AYLI Podcast #54 - Joel Conway

Joel Conway will be making his AYLI return Thursday, May 19, in support of Axel Boman at Monarch. Please take a moment take dig into his exclusive podcast and interview in preparation for the big night. Quality.

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AYLI Podcast #53 - Marshall Applewhite How To Kill Records

We first discovered How to Kill Records and Marshall Applewhite through our friend Shady P just prior to their first release. It was a sound that caught our ear immediately and we've been looking for an opportunity to showcase “sludge.” The occasion finally arrives with Applewhite, The Friend, and Shady P joining us from Detroit for their West Coast debut, April 22, in the Public Works loft, alongside DJ Koze b2b Matthew Dear (all-night-long) downstairs.

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AYLI Podcast #52 - John Osborn

For our next installment of the AYLI podcast, we’re honored to bring you Berlin based, British born, Tanstaafl Records label-head John Osborn. He made his North America debut for us in 2012 alongside 2562 at the BeatBox, followed that morning by a 6 AM session at the legendary 222 Hyde. It’s rare that we release second podcasts from artists and even rarer for us to release a podcast without an upcoming planned performance. However, when the opportunity came to release his second AYLI podcast, we jumped at it. Take a moment to dig into this special “after-hours” session. Quality.

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AYLI Podcast #51 - Olin

We're excited to welcome back AYLI friend Jason Garden AKA Olin from Chicago for his second AYLI appearance. Olin first debuted alongside his Argot brethren The Black Madonna and Steve Mizek last year. We're honored and excited to welcome him back Friday to play alongside Kassem Mosse (live) at F-8.

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To commemorate the 50th official AYLI podcast, we're excited to share with you what might be the most in demand recording from the last five plus years: The Black Madonna B2B Mike Servito at AYLI's Roots 01.23.2016. Their performance closed out the night for the last four plus hours, well past sunrise. The chemistry between the two was obvious from the first record. Relive the night with us and take a listen. Quality.

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AYLI Podcast #49 - Mike Servito

We're excited and honored to release an exclusive podcast and interview by AYLI friend Mike Servito in preparation for AYLI presents Roots w/ The Black Madonna B2B Mike Servito (Extended Set). Quality.

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AYLI Podcast #48 - Dave Aju

Bay Area native and current Berlin resident Marc Barrite AKA Dave Aju is one of our closest friends. He’s been with us since before AYLI's inception and the introduction of Circus Company Records through Barrite can be felt throughout the last five-years. In preparation for his Bay Area return alongside Creme Organization’s DJ TLR, he’s shared with us an AYLI exclusive podcast

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AYLI Podcast #47 - Tyrel Williams

In preparation for our party with Nick Hoppner at Monarch, we asked AYLI friend Tyrel Williams (SS Records, Housepitality) to share with us an exclusive podcast and interview. Tyrel first played for us in 2011 shortly after his move to San Francisco from the 'Windy City.' 

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AYLI Podcast #46 - Slow Hands (Live) AYLI Valentine's Day Love Affair

In celebration of the release of his new album, I'll Find Me, we're excited to share Slow Hands (Live) from the AYLI Valentine's Day Love Affair in 2014. Enjoy this exclusive recording of early versions of the songs on his LP.

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AYLI Podcast #45 - DJ CZ

In preparation for our upcoming party at Public Works featuring Function, Kangding Ray, Mike Servito, and Mossmoss B2B DJ CZ , Chris Zaldua AKA DJ CZ released an exclusive podcast.

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AYLI Podcast #44 - Craig Kuna

The latest AYLI podcast from skilled San Francisco DJ Craig Kuna. He'll be performing at the As You Like It Halloween Bash at an underground in Oakland additionally featuring Juju & Jordash live, 40 Thieves, Sassmouth, and Carlos Souffront B2B Mike Gushansky.

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AYLI Podcast #43 - Mozaic

Enjoy the latest AYLI podcast from talented SF local Mozaic. He'll be performing at the 5-year celebration kick-off with Max Graef, Huxley, Glenn Astro, and Rich Korach.

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AYLI Podcast #42 - Joe Bickle

We're excited to welcome back As You Like It friend and Los Angeles luminary Joe Bickle back to San Francisco. Since we last hosted Bickle, he's been busy building his Animal Club parties and his True Chord Sound System. Take a moment to read AYLI resident Mike Gushansky's interview of Bickle as you listen to his podcast in preparation for As You Like It with The Black Madonna July 3, 2015. Quality.

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AYLI Podcast #41 Jesse Bru

In preparation for As You Like It's first time abroad, Vancouver native Jesse Bru created a mix and took the time to answer questions from Subversive's MYTE.

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AYLI Podcast #40 - Mike Gushansky

We are proud to announce As You Like It's newest resident, Mike Gushansky. Mike has played many roles for AYLI over the years, from working door guy, to driving guest artists, to family DJ. We look forward to Mike joining our other resident artists as AYLI continues to thrive.

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Exclusive Titonton Duvante pocast for AYLI in anticipation of As You Like It with Ben Klock, Efdemin, Alex From Tokyo, Titonton Duvante and More at Public Works in San Francisco.

As You Like It with Ben Klock, Efdemin, Alex From Tokyo, Titonton Duvanté and More at Public Works

As You Like It with Ben Klock, Efdemin, Alex From Tokyo, Titonton Duvanté and More at Public Works

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AYLI Podcast #38 - Pittsburgh Track Authority

Pittsburgh Track Authority's west coast LIVE debut is in an intimate East Bay late-night venue. We're all in for a treat. Preslav Lefterov, Thomas Cox and Adam Ratana have all been at it for a decade plus respectively, but together PTA has only been at it since 2011, culminating with their critically acclaimed debut full-length album, Enter the Machine Age.

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Basic Soul Unit AKA Stuart Li, Toronto based house and techno producer, has released on a who's who of the top underground dance music labels: Dolly, New Kanada, Creme Organization, Ostgut Ton, Philpot, Versatile, Mule Electronic and Mathematics Recordings. Li produced an exclusive podcast for AYLI.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_37_-_Basic_Soul_Unit.mp3
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Conor shared with us his first studio mix in over ten years. From As You Like It's inception, Conor played an integral role in helping create our vibe and creative direction. Our tastes are varied and with Conor's influence over the disco spectrum, we've pursued directions that we likely would have left unchartered.

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Jackie House, the artist formally known as Pee-play, has shared with us his first official podcast since his change of moniker and creative direction. Jackie House is Jacob Sperber, a pivotal member of the San Francisco late night dance community and member of Honey Soundsystem. 

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As You Like It friend and Dirtybird artist J.Phlip is set to make her AYLI return May 17 for Move D B2B Optimo, Jackmaster, J.Phlip and more at Public Works. J.Phlip's cross of bass and house music bridge the gap of many of our key influences. J.Phlip live recordings are few and far between, so we're especially honored to release her AYLI recording from December's show at Monarch with George FitzGerald as an exclusive podcast.

Direct download: J.Phlip_AYLI_Podcast_34.mp3
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Keith Kemp's long been a fixture of the Detroit underground dance community as a graphic designer, artist, producer, DJ, promoter and stage manager for Paxahau's Movement Festival. Most of his time is spent in the studio and as Paxahau's lead resident DJ, where he can be heard in cities across the globe bringing his take on Detroit techno to the masses. We're excited to welcome him back to San Francisco to represent both Detroit and Paxahau as part of our Movement pre-party featuring DVS1 and John Osborn.

Direct download: Keith_Kemp_AYLI_Podcast_33.mp3
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Friday's party at Monarch with The Martinez Brother features one of our favorite local DJs, Forward SF and Slinky resident Benjamin Vallery. Benjamin's been a major contributor to the West Coast and beyond dance community for going on two decades. We're excited and honored to share with you an exclusive podcast by Vallery.

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Honey Soundsystem has long been an inspiration to us and we're particularly excited to introduce the collective as a whole to you with this exclusive podcast and interview. Each of their members stand on their own and together their multitude of skills and attributes makes for a party and collective to be reckoned with.

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Carlos Souffront AYLI Podcast #30

We're honored to release this exclusive mix by Carlos Souffront, an excerpt from a recording at Plunge, September 14, 2013, and an interview of Carlos by The Bunker resident Derek Plaslaiko in preparation for our upcoming collaboration featuring Bunker artists Voices from the Lake.

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Tom Croose Valentine's Day Love Affair Special AYLI Podcast #29

We're excited to celebrate our Slow Hands annual tradition with an exclusive special love jams podcast by Worst Friends cohort Tom Croose and an interview of each other in preparation for Friday's Valentine's Day love affair at Beatbox.

Last year we brought the duo to Beatbox for a steamy slow-mo disco dance party and the recording has been one of our most popular to date. Today's mix by John Paul Jones AKA Tom Croose marks the first artist to return to our podcast series. 

Slow Hands will follow his San Francisco debut of his LIVE performance with a back-to-back DJ set with Tom Croose as Worst Friends. 

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_29_Tom_Croose_Valentines_Day_Love_Affair_Special.mp3
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Session Victim AYLI Podcast #28

We can't quite express how excited we are for the AYLI debut of a longtime favorite of ours. Session Victim AKA Hauke Freer and Matthias Reilling's releases stand out on their own, but the LIVE and DJ performances promise to keep you moving to the last beat. It wasn't until Boiler Room featured a rare video of their LIVE act that we fully grasped what this talented duo delivers.

Direct download: Session_Victim_-_AYLI_Podcast_28.mp3
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Galen's relationship with bass-heavy house music made him a natural compliment to Hotflush Recordings' wonder-boy George FitzGerald and Dirtybird Records' J.Phlip. We're excited for his AYLI debut and look forward to building upon our blossoming friendship.

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David Harness AYLI Podcast #26

David Harness' role over the last twenty years of Bay Area house music can't be over-appreciated. Simply put, David connects with the dance-floor. His DJ sets and production radiate soul. Over the years, he's held countless residencies, including Club Universe, The End-up and Club Mighty. You can find him on any number of bills alongside the biggest names in house and techno. In preparation for the upcoming As You Like It presents Basics w/ Prosumer, Nov. 29, David answered ten questions from AYLI resident Sassmouth, who is also on the Basics' bill. We're excited and honored to have David make his As You Like It debut.

Direct download: David_Harness_AYLI_Podcast_26.mp3
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San Francisco underground don Michelangelo Battaglia is known simply as mike bee to his friends, legions of San Francisco dancers and record store patrons at first Amoeba and now Vinyl Dreams. He is a San Francisco treasure that has spent his adult life dedicated to furthering dance music culture. Mike is returning back to the AYLI fold, closing out the chill-out loft for AYLI presents Freaky Friday w/ Maya Jane Coles & Cosmin TRG 11.01.13.

Direct download: MikeBee_AYLI_Podcast_25.mp3
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We'd like to introduce Los Angeles producer Woolfy. Making his AYLI debut has been a long-time coming. Marking the 25th installment of the AYLI podcast couldn't have come from a more perfect artist. His mix perfectly captures the late night disco vibe that emanates from his live DJ performance. Take a moment and take in what Woolfy's telling. Included below is an interview by AYLI close friend Conor of Woolfy. Well worth a read. Quality.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_24__wOOLfY_-_WHeRes_My_cAKE.mp3
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In celebration of our As You Like It Three Year Anniversary, we're honored to release Daniel Wang's 2012 recording from our friends at Honey Soundsystem's annual Patrick Cowley celebration.
Daniel will be headlining our deep and disco loft. His contribution to the three year alongside No Way Back's Conor back-to-back with Honey's Jason Kendig perfectly captures our love for disco and sweaty dance parties. Join us September 13 at Public Works for Jeff Mills, Kassem Mosse LIVE and Daniel Wang, with a cast of San Francisco all-stars.,

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_23_Daniel_Wang_Live_HNY_SNDSYSTM_10_21_12.mp3
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Gear in that set: Elektron Monomachine, x0xb0x, Eventide Space,

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_22_Christina_Chatfield.mp3
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RA: Soundcloud: @patrickgil Interview:
1 Nina Kraviz - Aus Feat. King Aus On The Mic (DJ Qu Remix) 2 Delano Smith - Change is Coming 3 Myles Serge - Roller Wold (Mike Dehnert Remix) 4 Myk Deriil - See 5 Fanon Flowers - Prado Oscuro 6 Markus Suckut - Mirage 7 Ryan Elliott - Stepmode 8 Flug - Cristal 9 Patrick Gil - Higher Stake 10 Zadig - The Grip 11 The Advent and Cari Lekebush 12 Truncate - Is it Skinny? 13 Damon Wild - Avion (88UW mix) 14 Markus Suckut - Vibrant 15 L.B. Dub Corp - Lurcher's Dub

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_21_Patrick_Gil.mp3
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This is my goodbye (for now) mix to all the lovers, dancers and friends of As You Like It. Thanks for the endless inspiration in developing a continued love for music. Realize the amazing vibe you guys give off and keep that shit up, all night! Special thanks goes out to the two Raver aliens driving this space ship, Jeremy Bispo & Jeremy Linden, for believing in me and putting forth the effort to provide such a creative musical playground for all of us. Also, special thanks to the other bad ass resident DJs of As You Like It for always killing it with fearless raw talent. San Francisco is incredibly important to me and to the dance music scene in general, so I'll definitely be back to live in SF sometime in the future. Until then, see you all on some dancefloors having the time of our lives...and don't be strangers!! <3 briski,

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_20_briski_-_going_away_mix.mp3
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Dear Everybody, Ms. Friendly Quality Sassmouth played the freshness tracks there and everywhere around the world. Now Sassmouth arrived here!! She always stay near you on the dancefloor, and steals in your mind to lead you to a good situation. Kids are happy with her. Their humming makes you feel happy. You will feel it and sound special. The best quality and fancy sounds. A gift to you from good design. Enjoy! your happy life.

Many parties rocked firstly in Chicago and Detroit causes Sassmouth's confidence of creating deliciousness grooves. This tastiness of her techno and house beats cannot be carried even by both hands. When you're feeling energetic, with a smile on your face, and in love...that's when Sassmouth's bass lines and melodies are the perfect goods to climax a happy occassion. Wonders of electricity are displayed for all to be easily digested at the club and underground parties. Enjoy refreshing time.

Nature gives dancers the feeling of the super-first class satisfaction of Smart Bar where Sassmouth enjoys the Chicago residency. Levitation and heart since 2000. All of Sam's base are belong to London where she creates high sense originals for Hej Records. Take it easy they will never hurt you on her friendly and supportive online home for the electronic dance music community website To fast too live, to young too happy. Sassmouth is ecologically minded. This biography will self-destruct in Mother Earth.

Direct download: Sassmouth_AYLI_Poodcast_19.mp3
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We're excited to welcome Bells & Whistles (AYLI / Four Sweaters) as AYLI's newest residents. Yanick and Zack have long been a part of the AYLI family — first playing at our 2010 Nicolas Jaar party at the Compound. Their blossoming sound, understanding of underground culture, love for late nights and early mornings are a perfect compliment to our existing resident artists. Take a moment to listen to Bells & Whistles' official AYLI podcast. Quality.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_18_BellsWhistles.mp3
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We're excited to release this rare dance floor podcast by Tom Croose (MGT, FC, INTRNJNL). John Paul Jones aka Tom Croose is one half of our upcoming January guest Worst Friends, alongside AYLI friend Slow Hands. Besides Jones reputation as an excellent DJ, he's known for his vast musical knowledge and record collection. For a taste of what's to come at Beatbox Jan 25th take a listen or more. Tom Croose's recent Christmas Podcast for Autobrennt:

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_17_Tom_Croose.mp3
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1. The Field - Arpeggiated Love - Kompakt 2. Kiki - Trust Me - Bpitch 3. Dixelexsix - Sticky - I'm a Cliche 4. Hot Chip - How Do You Do (Mickey Moonlight Rmx) - Domino 5. John Tejada - Orbiter - Kompakt 6. Oxia & Miss Kittin - Housewife - InFine 7. DOOsh - Chin Wag (Justin Steel Rmx) - Divert 8. Robert Hood - The Exodus - Music Man 9. Wave00462 10. Chicago Damn & the SDI Project - Don't Go Back - Midnight Love Club 11. Lee Curtiss - Freaks - Visionquest 12. Terry Brookshire - Hypnotique (Mooja Remix) - Endemic 13. Wave00563 14. NYCPARTYINFO - Black Saw - Throne of Blood

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_16_Brian_Bejarano_-_AYLI_Decibel_Podcast.mp3
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Berlin based dj / producer Oliver Deutschmann has made his mark in recent years by running and releasing on the imprints Falkplatz and Vidab, his long memorable sets at Panorama Bar / Berghain, and numerous releases and remixes for the likes of Soma, AIM, or JackOff to name a few. His uncompromising selections range from deep dubby house to big room techno, keeping the pulse on new sounds while always paying respect to the past, which can also be heard in productions on his collaborations with Ed Davenport, or monikers Gowentgone and SubBroomAssosciation. Last year Deutschmann spent most of his weekends touring the world from Japan, across Germany and Europe, to the middle east reaching cities like Beirut and Tel Aviv, while playing festivals like Sonar and BerMuDa. He is currently spending his off days building a new studio in Berlin, working on new releases and collaborations, and the development of his A&R skills. In 2012 Oliver Deutschmann is keeping up with modern technology, and is set to release a new enhanced multimedia package which will include two cds, vinyl singles, and videos on SLIM Audio featuring exclusive mix and tracks. Also in the pipeline are releases for AIM, Falkplatz, and Vidab.

Direct download: AYLI_Podcast_15_Oliver_Deutschmann.mp3
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1. DJ 3000 - Hotel Oasiz (Robert Hood Remix), 2. DJ Qu - Mixing Room, 3. Da Rich - Lost In The Dark, 4. Da Fiucha SK - Prehistoric African Caverna, 5. Citizen - Deep End, 6. Marcel Dettman - Duel, 7. Robbie Tronco - C.U.N.T (She's Cunt, She's Pussy Mix), 8. James T. Cotton - The Second Night Cycle (feat. Ellis Monk), 9. Ghosts On Tape - No Go, 10. Anthony Naples - Slackness, 11. Dexter - Zamba, 12. Reese - Station Of The Groove, 13. Aaron Carl - Tears.

Ghosts on Tape likes raving. Mind you, not the glowstick-powered, trance-laden nonsense that masquerades as raving these days. The San Francisco resident wants the real thing: dark warehouses, big soundsystems, sweaty walls and even sweatier bodies, and the pulsing sounds of gritty house and techno. It’s those kinds of sounds that Ghosts on Tape (a.k.a. Ryan Merry) assembles on his dual Yamaha SU700 samplers. Although the ’90s-era machines are undeniably antiquated—new sounds literally have be loaded on the fly via floppy disk—he’s thoroughly mastered these vintage weapons, putting together jaw-dropping live sets that combine the ominous underbelly of classic house and techno with upfront, bass-heavy futurism. Those sonic principles also drive ICEE HOT, the influential monthly party in San Francisco which Ghosts on Tape co-founded and where he continues to serve as a resident DJ. 

A native of St. Louis, Ghosts on Tape relocated to San Francisco in 2003 and began garnering attention for his blistering DJ and live sets and the warped, occasionally tropical-flavored bass sounds he was creating. His 2009 Predator Mode EP on Wireblock—which included a white-hot Roska remix of the title track—exploded Ghosts on Tape’s profile even further, as did an exclusive mix for Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 1 show, and remixes for the likes of Rainbow Arabia, Lemonade, Cardopusher, Chrissy Murderbot, Subeena, Mexicans with Guns, Thunderball, among others. In 2011, he was selected to be a participant in the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. His sound has evolved over the years, moving away from equatorial beats and back towards his Midwestern house and techno roots, but one thing hasn’t changed: Ghosts on Tape likes raving. bio by Shawn Reynaldo

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John Osborn made North American debut for us April 13, and in preparation for it, he mixed us this exclusive recording for us release in celebration of the SF visit. John is now a definite favorite of ours and will no doubt return to perform for us in the future.

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We're honored and excited to introduce Marcellus Pittman to San Francisco. This will be Pittman's debut West Coast appearance. Hard to believe for a man making such amazing music, for some of the finest Detroit labels, that has toured the World. To celebrate, and in preparation for his debut, we're in for a treat: a rare Pittman exclusive podcast. Don't sleep on this taste of Detroit. Join us May 11 for Pittman, Jus Ed, Lance De Sardi, Tyrel Williams and Brian Bejarano for As You Like It: Coast to Coast.

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We'd like to thank Ryan Crosson for allowing us to share this special set from our Jan 27, Ghostly Meets Spectral showcase. Ryan's set completes the release of all four main room recordings: Mossmoss, Osborne, Solvent and now Ryan. Take a moment and listen to this set and enjoy. Ryan Crosson @ AYLI Ghostly Meets Spectral 1/27/12

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Rich Korach discovered underground electronic music in 1994, finally encountering the sound that would transform the rest of his life. Growing up just north of Detroit, Rich witnessed performances from some of the early pioneers of techno. Shortly after immersing himself in the underground warehouse scene in Detroit, he became an active DJ himself. The next decade included such highlights as: being a resident DJ for Detroit’s legendary production company, Paxahau, playing gigs at: the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (2005 and 2008), Space – Ibiza, Weekend Club – Berlin, and all across the U.S. Rich even had an impromptu tag session with one of his musical heroes of the time, Richie Hawtin, in 2005. - In late 2008, Rich moved to San Francisco to thwart the cold and live in one of the most diverse and beautiful cities in America. Since then, his performances in the Bay Area underground have caused quite the stir, resulting in a residency with promotions powerhouse As You Like It (AYLI) and a steadily increasing demand for performances. In 2011 he played alongside a wealth of artists, including Tiger and Woods, Deniz Kurtel, Iron Curtis, Matthias Tanzmann, Benoit & Sergio, Dave Aju, Mike Huckaby, Nicolas Jaar, and Lee Curtiss. To say Rich Korach’s sound is an instant classic is understood to those who’ve become converts to his shows. His is an insatiable appetite for the unexpected, which makes watching his next move upward and onward such a joy. - Recorded using Traktor Scratch Pro with vinyl control and a KONTROL X1 for effects/looping.

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Title of the mix: P-Play's Scheiße Minelli. Track-listing coming soon. Bio: Co-Founder of Honey Soundsytem and part owner of Discaire Records. "DJ P-Play possesses the sort of mentality that keeps San Francisco's club-and cultural-scene vital. When he saw a nightlife void, instead of bitching about it, he went after filling it. And when one bar told him no, he started up a whole collective of like-minded DJs to do forward-thinking events at other clubs, pulling like-minded music lovers into his hive. Pee Play is a co-founder of Honey Soundsystem, a crew of party pros wanting to instigate an edgy alternative to the Castro scene. They've spread their vinyl across SOMA, the Tenderloin, and the world." - Jennifer Maerz of SF WEEKLY Selected Discography: Street Hero - End of The World (Honey Soundsystem Remix) [HNYTRX] Alexis - Lonely Sea (Honey Soundsystem Remix) [HNYTRX] Mankind - Come Go (Honey Soundsystem Remix) [Third Strike Records] Body Language - Falling Out (Honey Soundsystem Remix) [Smoke & Mirrors]

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To show our appreciation this holiday season, AYLI offers up this live set from GSHC co-founder & resident dj Secrets (Matt Abbott, Detroit). Secrets manipulates his disco edits into an infectious groove that draws the crowd in and spreads smiles all around. This performance was recorded at BeatBox in SF before an equally stellar set from Slow Hands (Wolf + Lamb). Sexy hooks, bouncy beats, and tasteful filters invite everyone to party in this mix. For more info on GSHC or to subscribe to their excellent podcast, visit:

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